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Express each unit of your computation as blocks, code, or English, whichever is easiest. It's interoperable and continuously translated.

3code is…


Draw the computation you want. Values flow left to right from block to block. This example plots a function (Cos[x]) and its integral.


Blocks can be made up of other blocks. You can zoom into your diagram to see more detail, or zoom out to get the big picture.


You can enter Wolfram Language code directly into a block, and it will correctly interact with the rest of the diagram.

Or you can enter Wolfram Language code and automatically transform it into 3code blocks.


3code includes almost every Wolfram Language function, organized and described.


You can enter phrases like "atomic mass of Lithium," "Earth orbit radius," or "age of queen Elizabeth II on the day Barack Obama was born." The system will interpret what you meant, look up or calculate the answer, and return it in a form that you can use in further computations. Dissimilar units (like feet and meters) are converted automatically.


The Wolfram Language provides built-in access to a broad array of publicly available data sources on topics such as chemistry, mathematics, physics, geography, engineering, astronomy, medicine, people, culture, art, music, food, health, finance, linguistics, weather, materials, transportation, sports, history, etc...


Import local data as usual. Just like a Mathematica notebook, data, computations, and results are all shown in a single interface.

3code is in closed beta.

If you're interested in being a beta tester, please email me.